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Student Relationship
and Lifecycle Management

The Education sector is experiencing an enormous amount of change. There is no longer any ‘downtime’ during the student lifecycle which can be one of the most complex and elongated ‘purchase’ cycles across many channels.


To improve the student experience and achieve powerful marketing, recruitment and progression results for schools, colleges and universities, Indigo Iris brings marketing and recruitment experience from both agency and client side across a wide range of sectors to bring the best of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation to education marketing.

CRM Consultancy and Strategic Planning

Strategic integrated CRM planning to attract, support and lead prospective students (and influencers) through their conversion journey to the point of enrolment and progression. Opportunities for the institution are maximized along the way whilst creating a positive customer experience for resulting in an increase of targeted students who progress successfully through to graduation.

CRM Implementation and Stakeholder Management

Indigo Iris works with you and your stakeholders define and capture your requirements in order to choose the right CRM solution for your organisation- always working with you to ensure that when it comes to the implementation and business as usual, it goes smoothly.

Integrated Campaign Planning and Management

End to end multi-channel integrated campaign planning to attract, nurture, convert and recruit targeted students. Example campaigns include open days, conversion activity, clearing and confirmation, welcome or specific challenges such as progression / retention.

Contact Strategies and Student Journey

Understanding the most effective student journey and building end to end student journey plans that accurately captures prospects and leads them successfully through to enrolment and graduation. Data quality and early engagement warnings maximize lead capture throughout the journey to improve acquisition spend; achieve higher conversion rates, improved enrolment numbers and improved attendance and conversion from open days.


Audits can be conducted on prospectuses, mini guides, emails and other communications, sspecifically looking at key and brand messages, competitors, call to actions and next steps, measurement, format, place in the student journey and gaps/opportunities.

CRM and Marketing Automation Requirements Report

A pre-built list of business requirement questions that can be used to help inform the priorities for a new CRM/Automation system or make better use of an existing system. The questions are grouped into categories such as events, communications, integration etc so priorities can be easily gathered from the relevant stakeholders at a time that suits them with a report and recommendations provided at the end. The report can be passed onto potential new suppliers, used to review an existing system and to further investigate where stakeholders may have different needs such as Central Marketing and Faculties.

Informed and specifically built for education recruitment, it’s designed to save you time and money as there’s no need to spend weeks or months in workshops, purchase only the functionality you need and reduce risk through avoiding pitfalls and missed opportunities.

Marketing Automation and Personas

Personas are fictional model people and can be used gain insight into your customers bringing to life their values, needs, goals and challenges essentially helping you to understand them better.

Once created, it’s easier to understand what type of content, buying journey, advertising and communications might appeal and resonate with them. If you have a CRM or Marketing Automation tool you can then personalise those journeys (workflows) and measure your marketing activity much more accurately.

Benefits of Marketing Automation and personas include:

  • A better understanding of their needs and values
  • Personalised journies (workflow) based on those needs
  • Creation of useful, relevant content that appeals and resonates
  • Design and optimise communications to be sent at the right time
  • Reduction in manual work  – send campaigns automatically and have better reporting
  • Better lead capture and management

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