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Student Recruitment CRM

Indigo Iris provides consultancy for Marketing and Student Recruitment CRM, working with universities, colleges and schools in Higher and Further Education to improve marketing and recruitment.

Indigo Iris works with you to deliver your Marketing and Student Recruitment CRM objectives by working with key departments such as digital, campaigns, events, insight, legal, admissions and IT.

Whether you’re implementing a new Student Recruitment CRM or Marketing Automation tool, reviewing an existing marketing system or looking to improve your prospect and applicant communication plans, call Indigo Iris for an informal chat about your student recruitment CRM.

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Choosing a Marketing and Student Recruitment CRM

If you’re responsible for Marketing and Recruitment in a Higher or Further Education organisation you’ll know that choosing the right Student Recruitment CRM can be one of your biggest challenges. The answer to which system is right for you lies in understanding which one will best support your business objectives.

If you’re looking for peace of mind that you’re choosing the right Marketing and Student Recruitment CRM or Marketing Automation tool and don’t want to spend the next year gathering requirements and setting up workshops, find out more.

Student Journey and Communication Plans

Integrated and multi-channel student journey planning to attract, engage and successfully convert the ‘right’ students to become applicants and enrol.

Student journeys should have clear objectives, with actions mapped out for both the institution and the customer that can be tracked. There should be a way of tracking the steps, measuring success and include the roles involved and if relevant the supporting systems. You could also map the content requirements for each step. The strategic insight and operational data captured during the journey should inform future decision making on where to spend resources and help to forecast in future cycles.

CRM and Marketing Automation Implementation

Indigo Iris works with your school, college or university to understand your business objectives and implement  your chosen CRM and or Marketing Automation system. Implementation can include CRM Program Direction, training, documentation, integrations with other systems and working with key stakeholders and departments such as Marketing, Recruitment, Admissions, Digital, IT, Procurement and Legal on a contract or consultancy basis.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is software that can automate repetitive marketing tasks such as emails, social media, and website actions, meaning the department is able to focus on other tasks that require more creativity or personal involvement.

Benefits of Marketing Automation include:

  • Personalisation both in content and the individual journey based on their needs
  • Campaign tracking – not just tell us which campaigns worked, but what type of customer they worked for
  • Insight and Analysis – informing where’s best to spend your time and budget
  • Reduction in manual work  – send campaigns automatically leaving more time for creativity and planning
  • Repurpose campaigns and content – campaigns and content can easily be stored, repurposed and published

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