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Customer Relationship Management

Indigo Iris brings award winning Customer Relationship Management and Marketing expertise to companies and education organisations that are at all stages of CRM and Marketing Automation on an interim or consultancy basis.

Whether choosing, implementing or reviewing an existing CRM or Marketing Automation system, Indigo Iris ensures that your strategic and operational objectives are supported by working with stakeholders and end users in key departments such as Digital, Marketing, Sales, Events, Insight, Legal and IT.

Strategic Marketing and Customer Journey planning

Creating CRM strategies that utilise data, insight and content across appropriate channels to the relevant customer to achieve powerful results whether it’s acquisition, x-sell, up-sell, membership marketing, loyalty marketing, and retention or brand building.

CRM Implementation and requirements gathering

Indigo Iris works with you and your stakeholders to choose the right CRM system for your requirements – always working with you to ensure that when it comes to the implementation and the business usual, it goes smoothly.

Contact Strategies and Customer Journey

End to end multi-channel integrated campaigns for lead management, acquisition, nurture and retention. Keeping customers engaged and anticipating their needs.

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