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Choosing a Higher and Further Education CRM

Choosing a Higher and Further Education CRM or Marketing Automation system.

Choosing a Higher and Further Education CRM system to support your student recruitment and marketing can be one of your biggest challenges if you’re responsible for Marketing and Recruitment at a University or College.

You want to communicate with prospects and applicants in a relevant, timely way. You might want to talk about about news and events that are related to their subject or course of interest. And, you also probably want a system that isn’t going to make you unpopular with IT and Admissions through needing large amounts of support after implementation! The answer to which system is right for you lies in understanding which one will best support your business objectives.

How do you know which CRM system is the right one for you?

Most HE / FE organisations start by gathering requirements and talking users and stakeholders. These requirements are vital to helping you choose which CRM or Marketing Automation tool is right for your University, College or School. But why start from scratch and re-invent the wheel each time? Indigo Iris has built a Discovery Survey with over 200 potential Higher and Further Education CRM and Marketing Automation requirements specifically built to support student recruitment and marketing objectives.

The Higher and Further Education CRM Discovery Survey:

 – Addresses common pitfalls with large consequences
– Maximises opportunities by prompting ideas about functionality that may not yet have been considered
– Increases user adoption of the system by understanding what the end-users need it to do for them to support them in order to be more efficient and effective in their role
– Understand potential integrations with your Student Record System
– Discovers what type of relationship and support you need from the supplier


Benefits to using the Higher and Further Education CRM Discovery Survey:

Avoid common pitfalls and missed opportunities. A comprehensive list of questions driven by marketing and recruitment objectives written from experience in the private and education sector. Make the most of future opportunities by future proofing your choice of system, avoid pitfalls and ensure you’ve asked key questions!

Speed up your implementation. Save weeks or even months. Don’t start from scratch, benefit from a list of pre-built requirements designed around marketing and recruitment objectives for HE/FE and schools.

Stakeholders can give their opinion at a time that suits them. No need to spend months getting a date in the diary for workshops only to find that on the day a key stakeholder can’t attend! Questions can be answered on a PC or mobile so Stakeholders can give their opinion at a time and place that suits their schedule.

Accurate representation of priorities. Stakeholders and end-users have the time and space to think about each requirement and how it supports their role. End-users of the system can give their opinion without being worried about looking good in front of peers and managers.

Engaged stakeholders, collaboration and adoption. Get a full and rounded view of the strategic and operational requirements by gathering opinions from as many stakeholders as you like. A system that they help to choose and supports them in delivering their objectives will increase CRM adoption.


How does Higher and Further Education CRM Discovery Survey work?

Stakeholders and end-users of your choice receive a link to the questions to answer. The answers are given and ranked on how important each of the 200 plus requirements are to their role and objectives. The questions can be answered at a time that suits them on their PC or a mobile device. The stakeholders can receive all or just some of the questions as they are split across 6 categories, meaning they receive only the ones are relevant to them and their role.

The 6 categories are: Event Management, Servicing (Enquiries and Contact Management), Insight & Reporting, Lead Capture and Management, Marketing and Communications and Supplier and Integrations.

A report on each category highlights functionality that is crucial to the project’s success (must-haves) and which are either not as important or can be resolved another way (should-haves, could-haves and won’t-haves). The report can then be used to discuss your needs with IT and the Board or go straight to shortlisting potential suppliers.

Speed up your University or College CRM Implementation

In summary, you and your project team can very quickly gather views on a broad range of requirements from the people that matter the most. You won’t be tripped up by common pitfalls and will be thanked for choosing a system that supports users in their daily role now and in the future.

To speed up your CRM implementation and for peace of mind that you’re choosing the right system for your marketing and recruitment, email or fill in the contact us form!

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